Randy Elder

Randy Elder is the stage name of senior citizen Jerry Attrick.  Grumpy, dirty old man, or charming senior citizen? You be the judge.

When 4 o’clock comes I hit the early bird,
Now it’s happy hour and I’m having my third
So bartender bring me another Rob Roy
I got a few brain cells left to destroy (Senior Blues)

If you you’re driving down the freeway
In a hurry cuz ya gotta pee
And you get behind my, Buick 6 with a three on the tree
Driving five — under the limit, Blocking up the fast lane
Cuz I’m the Freeway Turtle, and this lane I’ll never change (Freeway Turtle)

LOL, LOL, I’ll take my Little Old Lady over your young Jezebel
She may be an old one but she ain’t a cold one, I know she’s gonna treat me right
And now I’m Laughing out Loud because that Little Old Lady’s
Givin’ up a Lot of Love tonight (LOL)