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 Roland Rock Songlist 9/23/23   rolandrockmusic.com

Set One

  1. Sunshine of Your Love  – boogie shuffle             E         Cream-version
  2. Man’s Best Friend       slower shuffle                     B         original
  3. Sundown                        ballad slow straight 8       F#       Gordon Lightfoot
  4. In the Night Time         Bari                                        E         George Thorogood
  5. Rockabilly Boogie       Bari                                        B         Johnny Burnett
  6. Baby That Train Could Roll                                       B         Original
  7. Bad Bad Leroy Brown   bounce                                   A         Jim Croce
  8. Sweet Nothings                          rockabilly                   G         Brenda Lee
  9. Twistin the Night Away  rock swing                            A         Sam Cooke
  10. Black Velvet        ballad waltz feel                                D         Alanna Myles
  11. Rockabilly Reggae         reggae                                    A         original
  12. Walking After Midnight ballad waltz feel                    C         Patsy Cline
  13. Shake Your Moneymaker                                             C         Mikey P
  14. Say Mama           rockabilly                                           A         Gene Vincent                                  

Set Two

  1. Lee Van Cleef                      Spaghetti                  Ab       Original
  2. Poem Senior Blues-          Boogie                      B         original
  3. Summertime Blues            rockabilly                  E         Eddie Cochrane
  4. Hey Putin                              Bo Diddley               E         original
  5. Margaritaville                       Yacht Rock              D         Jimmy Buffet
  6. Wicked Game                      ballad                         B         Chris Isaak
  7. Crying                                   Rhumba Ballad       D         Roy Orbison
  8.  Only the Lonely                 ballad                         F#       Roy Orbison
  9. I Fall to Pieces                      swing                          Bb       Patsy Cline
  10. Maybe Baby                         rockabilly                   A         Buddy Holly
  11. Spanish Pipe Dream           boom chuck              G         John Prine
  12.  I am Tarzan                         rock                             A         original
  13. Messin with the Kid             blues funk                 B         Junior Wells

Set Three

  1. Old Time Rock and Roll                                       F#       Bob Seeger
  2. Gimmee Some Beer                                              E         Spenser Davis
  3. Something Else                  Rockabilly                E         Eddie Cochran
  4. Route 66 Stuck in the Middle                                 C        Tim     Mikey P
  5. Red Red Wine                      reggae                        C         UB40 – Neil Diamond
  6. Runaround Lou Cold Cold Heart               rock swing     D         Dion
  7. Linda Lou                              Shuffle                       A         Ray Sharpe
  8. Swingin Doors                      country swing           G         Merle Haggard
  9. Freeway Turtle                     Southern Rock         G         Lynyrd Skynyrd version
  10. That’ll Be the Day                rockabilly                   C         Starts in F Buddy Holly
  11. Bongo Thunder                    rock                             A         original
  12. School Days                          rock swing                 E         Chuck Berry                         
  13. Born to Be Wild                    Rock                           E         Steppenwolf

Alternates Set 4

  1. 6345789                          R&B Classic              A         Wilson Pickett
  2. Mustang Sally                 R&B Classic              C         Wilson Pickett
  3. Stormy Monday              Slow Blues                A         Traditional
  4. Long Legged Baby        Fast Shuffle              F#       Graham Bond
  5. Voodoo Child                funky rock                B         Jimi Hendrix
  6. Purple Haze/ 3rd Stone from the Sun          B         Jimi Hendrix
  7. Low Down Rat              original noir-dirge  B         original
  8. Slingshot                        surf                             E         original
  9. Sex Machine                  Bari                            D         James Brown

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I Am Tarzan

Here’s my auto-hagiography

I grew up in Africa in 63,

I hadn’t figured out who I was meant to be

Till I rode through the jungle and the natives hipped me that:


I Am Tarzan! I Am Tarzan!

I was so confused, could this be true
What if it was, what should I do?

I didn’t work out, didn’t go to the Gym

So I just decided they were right, I’m him!

Bullies better not kick sand in my face

Ain’t nobody callin’ me a panty waist

I’m struttin’ around in my leopard skin jock

I know what they’re saying when the animals talk,

DRUMS Womp Bomp a Loo Bomp a Loom Bam Boom!

I Am Tarzan, I Am Tarzan! SAY WHAT?

You say there’s something about my physique

“You can’t be Tarzan you’re a pencil necked geek”

Well tell it to the animals that I command

They know I’m the king of the jungle land.

I don’t need a castle or royalty

I was raised by gorillas on my family tree

Bubbles had Jackson, Cheetah’s got me

My best friend is a chimpanzee. 

I’m swingin’ on a vine, jungle style 

I’ll kiss a lion or a crocodile 

Think I’m joking, go ahead and laugh 

But I’ll stand on a ladder and kiss a giraffe. 

It stunk, It was funky, but I kissed a skunk

Put lipstick on it — kissed an elephant’s trunk

Didn’t stop with one zebra, I kissed the whole herd  

Before it went extinct, I kissed the Dodo Bird

DRUMS Womp Bomp a Loo Bomp a Loom Bam Boom!

I Am Tarzan! I Am Tarzan! SAY WHAT?

You say there’s something about my physique

“You can’t be Tarzan you’re apencil necked geek”

Well tell it to the animals thatI command

They know I’m the king of the jungle land.

I got a jungle treehouse Playboy Mansion 

There’s animals singing and animals dancin’ 

There’s animals partying and havin’ a good time

Waitingto get kissed they’re standing in line

The animals run when they hear my yell 

But I can run so fast I’ll kiss a Gazelle 

I’m struttin’ around in my leopard skin jock

I know what they’re saying when the animals talk,

The animals love me and they know my name

I’t’s Tarzan, baby, and I got game

I hear the call of the wild and I’ll never be tamed

If you don’t believe me, just ask Jane.

DRUMS Womp Bomp a Loo Bomp a Loom Bam Boom!

(break and yell)

I Am Tarzan! I Am Tarzan!

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