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 Roland Rock Songlist 9/23/23

Set One

  1. Sunshine of Your Love  – boogie shuffle             E         Cream-version
  2. Man’s Best Friend       slower shuffle                     B         original
  3. Sundown                        ballad slow straight 8       F#       Gordon Lightfoot
  4. In the Night Time         Bari                                        E         George Thorogood
  5. Rockabilly Boogie       Bari                                        B         Johnny Burnett
  6. Baby That Train Could Roll                                       B         Original
  7. Bad Bad Leroy Brown   bounce                                   A         Jim Croce
  8. Sweet Nothings                          rockabilly                   G         Brenda Lee
  9. Twistin the Night Away  rock swing                            A         Sam Cooke
  10. Black Velvet        ballad waltz feel                                D         Alanna Myles
  11. Rockabilly Reggae         reggae                                    A         original
  12. Walking After Midnight ballad waltz feel                    C         Patsy Cline
  13. Shake Your Moneymaker                                             C         Mikey P
  14. Say Mama           rockabilly                                           A         Gene Vincent                                  

Set Two

  1. Lee Van Cleef                      Spaghetti                  Ab       Original
  2. Poem Senior Blues-          Boogie                      B         original
  3. Summertime Blues            rockabilly                  E         Eddie Cochrane
  4. Hey Putin                              Bo Diddley               E         original
  5. Margaritaville                       Yacht Rock              D         Jimmy Buffet
  6. Wicked Game                      ballad                         B         Chris Isaak
  7. Crying                                   Rhumba Ballad       D         Roy Orbison
  8.  Only the Lonely                 ballad                         F#       Roy Orbison
  9. I Fall to Pieces                      swing                          Bb       Patsy Cline
  10. Maybe Baby                         rockabilly                   A         Buddy Holly
  11. Spanish Pipe Dream           boom chuck              G         John Prine
  12.  I am Tarzan                         rock                             A         original
  13. Messin with the Kid             blues funk                 B         Junior Wells

Set Three

  1. Old Time Rock and Roll                                       F#       Bob Seeger
  2. Gimmee Some Beer                                              E         Spenser Davis
  3. Something Else                  Rockabilly                E         Eddie Cochran
  4. Route 66 Stuck in the Middle                                 C        Tim     Mikey P
  5. Red Red Wine                      reggae                        C         UB40 – Neil Diamond
  6. Runaround Lou Cold Cold Heart               rock swing     D         Dion
  7. Linda Lou                              Shuffle                       A         Ray Sharpe
  8. Swingin Doors                      country swing           G         Merle Haggard
  9. Freeway Turtle                     Southern Rock         G         Lynyrd Skynyrd version
  10. That’ll Be the Day                rockabilly                   C         Starts in F Buddy Holly
  11. Bongo Thunder                    rock                             A         original
  12. School Days                          rock swing                 E         Chuck Berry                         
  13. Born to Be Wild                    Rock                           E         Steppenwolf

Alternates Set 4

  1. 6345789                          R&B Classic              A         Wilson Pickett
  2. Mustang Sally                 R&B Classic              C         Wilson Pickett
  3. Stormy Monday              Slow Blues                A         Traditional
  4. Long Legged Baby        Fast Shuffle              F#       Graham Bond
  5. Voodoo Child                funky rock                B         Jimi Hendrix
  6. Purple Haze/ 3rd Stone from the Sun          B         Jimi Hendrix
  7. Low Down Rat              original noir-dirge  B         original
  8. Slingshot                        surf                             E         original
  9. Sex Machine                  Bari                            D         James Brown

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